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Intro to Silks

This class is designed for the beginning aerialist interested in learning this dynamic and beautiful vertical apparatus. Students will learn the basic foundations of aerial silks such as classic climbs, hand positioning, and beginning wraps that support you in the air. Students will also be introduced to technique and conditioning designed to build strength and body awareness to prepare you to fly. No previous aerial experience is required!

Silks: Level 1

Building off of concepts learned in Intro to Silks, students will be introduced to beginning fabric theory and add additional foundational skills to their repertoire. Beginning sequences and drops will be introduced in this class as well as additional conditioning techniques designed to increase body awareness and strength required for advanced level skills.


  • Must be able to execute Dancer & Russian climbs

  • Be comfortable tying single and double foot locks, preferably in the air.

  • Be comfortable inverting in the knot

  • Can hang from straight arms for at least 10 seconds

  • Can execute a single foot lock roll-up candy cane sequence

  • Have knowledge of the hip key wrap from the ground

  • Have knowledge of different hand positions

  • Have knowledge of how to execute a pullover in the hammock knot

Silks: Level 2

Silks: Level 3

This class is for the intermediate aerialist who is comfortable inverting in the air and ready for more advanced wraps, drops, and sequences. Longer sequencing and stacking drops will be explored in this class along with technical drills. Students in this class are typically comfortable being in the air for at least two minutes and are comfortable with beginning drops requiring you to dive forward or fall backward. 


This level is for students who are able to proficiently execute the following:

  • Must be able to comfortably tie a single and double figure 8 and dancer foot locks in the air

  • Must have confident in-air inversions

  • 10 seconds bent arm hang is required

  • Able to execute an in-air windmill hipkey

  • Knowledgeable of the same side vs. opposite side knee hooks and able to hold yourself in the same side hook with the tail of the silks in your hand

  • Knowledge of hip key seat

  • Able to invert in a cross-back straddle

  • Be able to move through silks with control

  • Be able to climb over the same side hook

  • Must know crochet/creature climb

  • Must be able to complete 2 climbs of your choice without touching the ground

  • Comfortable with the following drops:

    • Wrapped 360​

    • Tick Tock

    • Screaming Eagle in the knot

Currently Not Offered



Intro to Lyra

This class is designed for the beginning aerialist interested in learning Lyra or Aerial Hoop. Students will learn the basic foundations of this apparatus such as beginner poses, hand positioning, and inversions. Students will also be introduced to technique and conditioning designed to build strength and body awareness to prepare you to fly. No previous aerial experience is required!

Lyra: Level 1

This is a class focused entirely on Lyra/aerial hoop. We will build on the fundamentals learned in the Intro to Lyra class. Students will begin to grasp the concept of body awareness and vocabulary along with being introduced to the building blocks of sequencing and gaining strength. This class is perfect for building the foundational skills on Lyra while also beginning to connect basic skills together and some spinning concepts.


Students must have received instructor approval to progress past Intro to Lyra.

Lyra: Level 2

Build strength, balance, and grace as you refine skills learned in level 1 and add to your Lyra repertoire. Students will begin to grasp sequencing concepts, continue to build their body awareness and will begin to regularly incorporate basic spinning concepts. More intermediate skills split, and work on top of the hoop will be expanded upon in this class.


Must receive instructor permission to progress from Level 1. Students interested in Lyra 2 should be comfortable with the following skills & drills:

  • Pullovers

  • Knowledge of at least 3 ways to mount and dismount the apparatus

  • Proper hip hangs

  • Beginning to get comfortable with spinning

  • Proper knee hangs

  • Beginning to get comfortable with single knee hang drills with or without assistance

Lyra: Level 3

Made for the advanced hoop artist, this course will cover much more dynamic movement and sequencing such as beats, rolls, forward and backward rolls, toe & heel hangs, and skills requiring proficiency in body awareness, balance, and spinning. Proper form and technique is crucial and will be focused on in this course.



Must receive instructor permission to progress from Level 2: Lyra. Students should be able to execute the following skills and conditioning drills:

  • Minimum 3 pull-ups

  • Minimum 3 toes-to-bar

  • Minimum 3 straight arm & leg straddle

  • Minimum 3 controlled skin-the-cats

  • Should be comfortable spinning while completing sequences

  • Should have a clean invert to the top bar

  • Proficient in front balance

  • Should have knowledge of solid beat form and basic rolls



Intro to Trapeze

Intro to Trapeze is a class designed for anyone interested in learning the foundations of static and dance trapeze. This class builds the basic foundations necessary to progress to Trapeze Level 1.  Students will learn fundamental trapeze skills and refine conditioning drills to build strength and awareness of the apparatus. Students can expect to become familiar with safely mounting and dismounting the trapeze, hanging by the knees, sitting and standing on the trapeze, and some introductory poses.

Trapeze: Level 1

Trapeze Level 1 will build on the basic foundations learned in Intro to Trapeze. Students can expect to refine intro to trapeze skills, as well as learn new variations and combinations of movement.   Students will learn additional vocabulary and technical skills, including some introductory dynamic movement,  spinning techniques, and beginner sequences. The new sequences and mechanics will link all your skills together while developing strength, flexibility, theory, and body awareness. ​



Must receive instructor permission to progress from Intro. Students should be comfortable with the following skills & drills:

  • Know how to safely mount and dismount the apparatus.

  • Be able to hang by their knees without assistance

Trapeze: Level 2

Trapeze Level 2 will build on the basic foundations learned in the Intro & Beginner Trapeze Classes. Students can expect to gain additional strength, learn balance, and maintain control of the trapeze bar. They will learn new mounts, skills in the ropes, safe dismounts, dynamic skills, and fluid transitions, as well as exciting new tricks and poses above and below the bar. Students will also be introduced to advanced sequencing concepts to pull all of their new skills together along with transferring these skills to dance trapeze.



Must receive instructor permission to progress from Level 1 Trapeze. Students interested in Trapeze 2 should be comfortable with the following skills & drills:​

  • Knowledge of at least 3 ways to mount and dismount the apparatus

  • Going from seated to standing with control

  • Pullovers

  • Proper hip hangs

  • Proper knee hangs

  • Comfortable with single knee hang drills with or without assistance

  • Able to hang from a bent arm hang in the ropes

  • Comfortable inverting to a tuck position

Trapeze: Level 3

Details Coming Soon

All Levels Trapeze

Trapeze All Levels takes a progression-based approach to help each student develop a solid foundation of conditioning and skills on trapeze and dance trapeze. Each skill, variation of those skills, and sequences will be tailored to each student’s level through a progression-based approach. All skills from under the bar to up in the ropes will be covered in this class. Students will work strictly within their skill and comfort level. All levels welcome!


No previous experience required. This class is open level and is welcome to any student. The Instructor will adjust to the students' various levels within the class.



Straps: Level 2

In this introductory Straps class, you will learn the basic conditioning skills needed to develop and maintain strength and conditioning, as well as the technique needed for body awareness while inverting. Students will also be introduced to basic shapes and sequences that can be utilized as a part of warm-up drills. Students should be aware that this apparatus is demanding on the upper body and you should be prepared to spend extra time stretching and warming up your shoulders before and after each Straps session.


Must receive instructor permission to progress to attend as this is an upper-level class. Students should be able to comfortably execute or be proficient in the following:

  • Pike Inversion

  • Have knowledge of proper skin the cat form and technique

  • Minimum 1 pull up

Straps: Level 3

In this course, students will continue to develop strength and flexibility required for more dynamic and advanced skills typically seen on straps. Sequences will be expanded upon and drills for balances, assisted back flags, one-arm skills, and beats will be covered.


Must receive instructor approval to progress from Level 1 Straps. Students should be comfortable with the following skills and drills:

  • Meathooks

  • Skin the Cats

  • Should be comfortable spinning

  • Proficient in Inversions

Straps Fundamentals

Straps Conditioning is a progression based class to challenge and introduce aerial straps to students Level One and up. It will focus on form and strength training for aerial straps techniques including wrist conditioning, inversions on straps, push/press/pull movements, core and shoulder stabilization and development, and other straps specific strength training. This class will be geared toward individuals who would like to develop the aerial straps technique and strength required prior to Level 2 Beginner Straps.


Completed Intro to Aerial and has prior approval from the instructor.



All-Levels Flexibility

This is an all-levels class focused on alignment-based flexibility that will teach you how to stretch your entire body in the safest and efficient way. Expect to learn how to stretch your legs, hips, back, shoulders, and more! Modifications are always provided to accommodate each individual’s needs and hands-on adjustments are available to those who would like them.


None - this class is open to all levels.



Intro to Acro

Partner acro is an exciting practice that involves two or more people (base and flyer) where the base lifts, moves, and supports the flyer through various acrobatic movements and balances. If you are brand new to this practice, this is a great place to start! Students will be broken up into small groups and will to learn basic l-base poses and counterbalances. This class with help you achieve the foundational strength, body awareness, and knowledge to build a safe and advanced acrobatic practice. No experience or partner required.

Level 1 & 2 Acro

Level 3 L-Base Acro

Level 3 Standing Acro

Level 1 & 2 classes step up the difficulty focusing on complex flows, foundational pops, tricky poses, and beginner standing skills. Each class will focus on fundamental drills to build each focus skill and introduce important tumbling techniques for safety. No partner is required to attend this class.


Comfort in the following 12 fundamental poses and transitions:

  •  Transition Bird - Seated Throne - High Flying Whale and back

  • A walkover in and out of Blackfly

  • The transition from Back Bird to Straddle Bat

  • Cannon Ball in and out of Straddle Bat

  • Cartwheel in from each direction

  • Side Star Tic Tocs

  • The transition from Seated Throne to Standing on Shins x3

  • Hold Low F2H regular and reverse

  • Hold Shoulder Stand regular and reverse

  • Hold Star with 3 points of contact

  • Mount to Thigh Stand

  • Mount to Titanic Stand

This class will focus on building a more complex and dynamic L-basing practice exploring pops, counterbalances, whips, and complex flows. To work at a higher level in partner acro it is recommended that you come with a designated partner but it is not required. 


  • Comfort or familiar with 10 Point Barrell Roll, Catherine's Wheel and Reverse 3 Step Washing Machines

  • Can hold a supine (L-base) 30 second low F2H

  • Has the ability to enter supine extended F2H

  • Can hold a 30-second wall or supported handstand

  • Can demonstrate a throne to throne and bird to bird pop (any variation)

  • Forward and backward rolls across the floor

  • Ability to kick and turn out of a handstand without a spot (Flyer specific)

  • Please reach out to Level 3 instructors to gain approval or attended a Level 1 & 2 class to demonstrate pre-requisites. 

Standing Acro is a two-person adagio discipline and will require you to have a partner. This class is tailored to participants that have a solid acrobatic foundation and will focus on dance lifts, dynamic tosses, and hand-to-hand.


  • Comfortable walking in two high

  • Can hold a supine (L-Base) 30 second Low F2H

  • Has the ability to enter supine extended F2H

  • Experience with camel or other overhead lifting skill

  • Can hold a 30-sec wall supported handstand

  • Has the ability to kick up and turn out of a handstand without a spot (Flyer Specific) 

  • Forward and backward rolls across the floor

  • Please reach out to Level 3 instructors to gain approval or attended a Level 1 & 2 class to demonstrate pre-requisites. 

  • Since advanced material is covered in just an hour, we ask that students come ready to jump straight into foot-to-hand.


Hand to hand is a partner based adagio discipline in the circus that primarily consists of a base and flyer. In this class, partners will work at their level towards skills of their interest whether that is dance lifts, static poses or dynamic lifts and tosses. Each class will start off with a basic warm-up and drills tailored to each partner’s goals and progress to movements or skills based on their capability. This class is partner required and both partners MUST be registered to hold their spot. Open to Level 1 and up students. 





Handstands are the foundation of all acrobatics and help build strength, body awareness and balance to support all other circus arts. This class is open to all levels and focuses on giving each student a personalized approach to their handstand goals. The class will begin with a group warm-up of wall handstands and flexibility drills and then break off into partnerships to work on individual drills.


No prerequisites. All levels are welcome!


Moving across all apparatuses, students will use different hand grips, conditioning techniques, strength training, lock-off skills, inversions, and general fitness to increase stamina, strength, and help to prevent injuries as you attempt more advanced skills in other classes. This class is perfect for aerialists of all levels who want to build strength and is highly recommended for all students looking to level up in strength and stamina across multiple apparatuses! This class is designed as a progression-based class to challenge and motivate people at all fitness and aerial levels. 


No prerequisites. All levels are welcome!



Youth Aerial: 5-7 yrs old

Currently Unavailable. If you have a 5-7 year old interested in classes, please contact us. 

Youth Aerial: 8-13 yrs old

Perfect for the teen looking to try something new with others around their age, this class is designed as an introduction to aerial arts. While it is open to all levels, this series will have a focus on learning and mastering the fundamentals required for additional aerial arts training across Aerial Silks, Lyra (hoop), and Trapeze. Students will explore movement on each apparatus while learning how to build strength, confidence, and basic sequencing. This will also give them a chance on improving social skills, developing fine motor skills, and building community while having fun. Teens are also welcome to take adult classes in addition to the youth course.


Children ages 8 - 13 are welcome! No previous experience required.




Beginner Dance Technique

This class will focus on building the basic fundamentals of dance. In this class, students will become familiar with basic ballet terminology which will be crucial to their future success. Ballet provides students with a solid foundation for dance, as well as other movement arts such as aerial! We will discuss dance theory, the idea of pressing into the floor in order to provide lift and length, core engagement, extension, muscle engagement, balance, completed lines, body positioning, form, improvisational movement and foot positioning (point your feet!). High energy warms up, basic conditioning and stretching will be incorporated into the class structure. The class structure will also include a basic introduction to other dance styles, such as jazz and contemporary. No prior dance experience needed.

All Levels Dance

The class will focus on learning proper dance techniques such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality and developing complex rhythms and patterns. Students will focus on contractions, spirals, basic floor work, and elemental concepts of space, time and force. This class will incorporate many styles of dance including modern, jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and jazz-funk.

This class is open to any skill level, whether you are brand new or an experienced dancer, the material will be catered to fit each student.


If you learn best in a one-on-one environment or have something specific that you would like to work on with an instructor of your choice, consider booking a private lesson! We have a staff full of knowledge on a variety of apparatuses & techniques available to you. Learn more about our staff here.



Vertical Fix regularly hosts workshops from resident and visiting coaches all around the country. From choreography, hand-balancing, and unique apparatuses to foundational skills and workshops focused entirely on drops, we are always looking to bring something new and exciting into the studio for our students!

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