Intro to Lyra


Aerial silk (also known as fabric or tissu) involves a paired length of fabric hung from above that are climbed and wrapped around the body to create dramatic poses and drops in the air. It will build upper body strength, tone your core, and increase your flexibility.

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The aerial hoop (also known as the lyra) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which aerialists perform poses, spinning, or drops.


Trapeze is a horizontal bar hung from ropes. A variety of movements can be performed around the bar, in the ropes, low to the ground or high in the air, spinning or static. 


Aerial straps are a pair of cotton or nylon apparatus suspended in which the aerialist wraps the ends around their wrist and arms and performs rolls, twists, and maneuvers similar to men's gymnastic rings. This apparatus is one of the most physically demanding disciplines.


Our flexibility classes are all levels and focus on alignment based stretching. They cover how to stretch all areas of the body, including hips, back, shoulders, and legs. Students can expect to work towards fundamental poses such as splits and bridges. 


Partner Acrobatics is an exciting practice that involves two or more people (base and flyer) where the base lifts, moves, and supports the flyer through various acrobatic movements and balances. Our classes cover both standing and supine (laying on back) disciplines.

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Handstands are the foundations of all acrobatics and help build strength, body awareness, and balance to support all other circus disciplines. Our classes are open to all levels and focus on giving each student a personalized approach to their practice.

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Moving across all apparatuses, students will use different hand grips, conditioning techniques, strength training, lock-off skills, inversions, and general fitness to increase stamina, strength, and help to prevent injuries as you attempt more advanced skills in other classes.


We offer beginner dance classes focusing on technique and movement quality. The goal of our dance classes is to help improve movement quality for those wishing to perform or move seamlessy between moves in a discipline of their choice.

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We offer youth classes for ages 7 and up, as well as youth intensive courses designed for dedicated students wishing to perform. First time students should begin with a youth specified class, however, based on skill level, they may be able to particpate in other class offerings. 

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