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COVID_19 Guidelines

In order for Vertical Fix to reduce the risk of viral transmission on-site, we appreciate your partnership in following our guidelines. Our guidelines may change in order to stay in compliance with our state and federal regulations. 


-All classes, open gyms, and private lessons are by pre-registration only. Please visit our "Schedule" tap to book your class. You will be unable to participate in class without registering. 

-Because we are running a limited schedule, all classes are drop-in rates only. Memberships and Packages will resume in July.

-Will limited space our cancelation period is 6 hours. After 6 hours no refunds will be offered.

-Our acro classes are partnered required and both partners must be pre-registered for the class.

-Make sure to bring a water bottle - our drinking fountains are closed. Bottled water is available for purchase.

-If you are sick or showing any symptoms please stay home.

-If you have been in close contact with a known COVID-19 case within 14 days, please stay home.

-Please review ALL of the COVID-19 Safety Guidelines on this page. 


-Arrive only 5 minutes prior to your scheduled class. 

-All staff and students are required to wear a fitted face bask that hooks on their ear at all times in the studio. Place the mask on before leaving your car.

-Leave any personal belongings not essential for your training in your car. Only 1 small bag able to fit into the red cubbies will be allowed. 

-No outside food or drink is permitted. If you are bringing a snack into the studio it needs to be stored in your small bag.

-Upon entering our studio, please wash your hands in one of the two bathrooms available. 

-No guests or observers are permitted in the facility, only students. Students should be dropped off and picked up. Parents who are unable to drop off must wait in our lobby and may not sit in the studio.


-Masks are required when you are unable to maintain 6ft distance apart and 10ft distance vertically in your class. Each instructor will guide you on mask use in your class depending on safety. Masks are required for all students when not partaking in a strenuous class.

-Avoid touching your ears, eyes, or mouth while training and wash your hands immediately following class. 

-Rigging and Safety Lines require hand washing before and after handling.

-If you bring in your own equipment for open gyms or jams, your equipment is to not be left at the studio.

-We encourage you to bring in your own chalk, rosin, spray for use in class. Please keep chalk over hard surfaces and not on the carpet bonded foam.

-All metal aerial equipment will be disinfected between classes.

-All fabric will be rotated and washed.

-Prop use will be minimal in each class.

-You must ask your instructors for any first aid material needed.


-We are running a limited schedule in order to not overcrowd the studio. Classes are staggered by 15 minutes for the flow of traffic and to allow proper cleaning of our studio on the hour. 

-Classes are limited to small numbers to ensure each student has their own equipment to work on, including apparatuses.

-All common-touched surfaces (doorknobs, faucets, cubbies, bathrooms) will be sanitized hourly. 

-All used crash mats and equipment will be sanitized after each class.

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