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"Understand your limitations so you can overcome them"

- Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus



Vertical Fix offers training in a variety of different circus disciplines for youth and adults in a safe, non-competitive, and nurturing environment. Our curriculum is designed to focus on each individual's strengths and abilities to achieve personal goals. Whether our students are looking for a fun alternative way to stay healthy or living a life-long passion of performing professionally, our coaches will encourage and cater to each student's path. Circus arts are a great way to empower, diversify, create, and challenge your body and mind in new and different ways.

On our schedule, you'll find our classes are separated into two categories aerial (Trapeze, Silks, Lyra, etc) and ground (Partner Acro, Handstands, Flexibility, etc) disciplines. Our classes are open to ages 13+ and we offer youth-specific classes for ages 5-13. 


We offer a variety of introductory and all-level classes for new students. 



Our intro and all-level classes run 55 minutes and are maxed out at 8 people for aerial and up to 12 for our ground disciplines. If possible, we recommend creating an account online and signing a waiver prior to arriving at the studio. Downloading our app (Vertical Fix) can also help you save time when scheduling and checking in for your classes.  Try to arrive 5 - 10 minutes prior to your class. Cubbies are located in the studio for you to store your items. Please remove your shoes, jewelry, belts, or anything that might snag or tear our equipment.

Classes will begin with a 10-15 minute full-body warm-up appropriate to your class. Get ready to be challenged and, more importantly, have fun!


We recommend wearing form-fitting clothing made of stretchy material (Leggings are our best friend). Feel free to bring socks, but keep in mind that socks can make some activities more challenging.

We recommend always having a reusable water bottle with you for class. Students are welcome to take a few minutes at the end of class to take photos or videos of what they learned to practice! For safety, please try to keep water bottles, phones, notebooks off to the side and not on the mats. 

Ready to join the circus?

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