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Holiday Showcase

Twas the night before the showcase and all through the studio, not a performer was stirring, not even the adagio duo. The apparatuses were hung center stage with care, in hopes that friends and family will be there.

Be A Part of our Show!

We are excited to welcome back our popular showcase intensive with a brand new annual holiday show and an even more immersive performance experience for participants. Our showcases provide students with nine weeks of personalized coaching, guiding them through the act creation process. The intensive concludes in a public performance, giving students professional experience and a step into the world of performance arts.

Students must apply and be accepted into each showcase as space is limited to just 8 student acts. Over the course of the nine weeks students will receive:

  • 20+ hours of coaching both group and individual

  • Professional flyers to promote their performance

  • Videography of their act

  • Photography from the show

  • Free Open Gym passes for extra practice

All ages and skill levels are welcome to apply to be a part of our showcase as an individual or group act. We welcome a variety of acts to apply including contortion, aerial, acro duos, juggling, clowning, and more.

Audition Date for Program: 10/10/21 5pm - 7pm

(Students should prepare a one-minute sequence of their discipline).

Rehearsals: Sundays 5pm - 7pm (5pm - 8pm in December)

Show Date: Weekend of December 17th

Cost upon acceptance: $250.00

Email us at info@theverticalfix.com with any questions!