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Keeping Circus Alive in the Valley

Vertical Fix has been proving circus-style classes and entertainment to the Phoenix area for the past 5 years. Our mission has always been to continuously provide a safe and inclusive environment for enthusiasts and professionals to explore the beautiful art of circus. Despite the many obstacles faced this year we continue to strive to provide a space to train, connect, learn, and grow. 

We have persavered through the COVID-19 pandemic and would not be where we are without the help of our staff, the patience of our community, and the passion we have for circus. We are doing everything we can to keep our doors open and move forward week by week and day by day. As we adjust to living in a new world, we continue to ask for your support. We launched a GoFund Me page in March. All funds raised will go towards our fixed operating costs such as rent, utilities, insurance, etc. and of course to continue to support our instructors, who have taking a big hit financially and emotionally in this pandemic. 

Anything we raise over our goal will be put towards an emergency fund for the future (we understand this is not over any time soon) as well, as improvements to the studio to create a safer training space that reduces the risk of COVID-19. Example of these items include:

- Pulleys for ease of rigging - allowing students to bring their own apparatuses and to switch out equipment for cleaning

- Regular deep cleans of the studio including our carpet bonded foam 

- Cleaning Supplies

If you are interested in other ways to support Vertical Fix and our instructors, check out our page.

There are pleanty of ways to support our small business outside the GoFund Me as well.

- Book a class, private lesson, or party

- Purchase a gift card for a friend or family member

- Tell someone about our studio if they may be interested in circus arts or a new way to workout

- Stop by for an open gym

Thank you again for all of your support. 

Warmest Regards,

The Vertical Fix team

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